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By law, insurance companies have a duty to their policyholders to act in good faith. This means that no insurance provider can attempt to avoid paying just claims through misleading, deceitful, or illegal actions or inactions. Unfortunately, insurance companies act in bad faith all the time. When this happens, policyholders have the right to take legal action.

At Berniard & Savoca, we have helped thousands of clients with all types of insurance issues and claim disputes. In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, we have seen how insurance adjusters attempt to take advantage of those attempting to rebuild their lives. Our bad faith insurance claim lawyers in Florida have the experience, resources, and skill to help you fight for the full payment you are owed.

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Examples of Insurance Bad Faith in Florida

In the most basic terms, insurance providers act in bad faith when they unjustly deny claims, delay payment, or otherwise look for ways to avoid investigating and/or paying rightful claims. They may employ a variety of tactics in order to attempt to get out of their duty to policyholders.

Some of these tactics include:

  • Failing to communicate with policyholders in a reasonable timeframe
  • Failing to conduct a thorough and adequate investigation of a claim
  • Delaying investigation into a claim or delaying payment of a claim
  • Offering significantly less in payment than is owed, per the policy’s coverage
  • Refusing to pay a claim without an investigation or without providing a reason
  • Failing to share applicable information with the policyholder
  • Denying a claim for no apparent reason
  • Refusing to enter negotiations regarding a settlement
  • Failing to provide information regarding a policy’s limits, coverage, terms, etc.
  • Failing to provide a reason for a claim denial

If you experienced any of these or similar issues, it is quite possible that your insurance company has acted in bad faith. As a policyholder, you have the right to legal recourse. The same is true if an insurance agent acted negligently, resulting in issues with your claim.

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Our Florida bad faith insurance attorneys have over 45 years of combined experience and are well-versed in this area of litigation. We have worked with every major insurance provider and have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in rightful payments, settlements, and verdicts. We are widely considered to be an authority on hurricane insurance claim issues and are prepared to help you navigate the legal process. If you believe your insurance company has acted in bad faith, do not hesitate to reach out to our firm as soon as possible. Our attorneys can offer you the compassionate, personalized, and aggressive legal representation you deserve. Contact Berniard & Savoca to speak with a bad faith insurance lawyer today.

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