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Did your home suffer damage due to Hurricane Dorian? Do you need assistance with a homeowners’ insurance claim from when Hurricane Michael hit? Was your claim denied? Contact Berniard & Savoca to discuss your legal options with our hurricane claims lawyers.

With over 45 years of combined experience and thousands of insurance claim cases handled, we are a leader in the field of hurricane insurance claim litigation. If you are having issues resolving your claim, it is absolutely crucial that you speak to an attorney as soon as possible, as insurers will often go to great lengths to deny rightful claims. When you entrust your claim dispute to our attorneys, we begin gathering information, preparing for trial, and building a solid case right away. Over our years in practice, we have seen it all; we know what is at stake and what it takes to help you secure the full amount you are owed.

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Understanding Your Disaster Insurance Coverage

When Hurricane Michael hit with torrential rains and wind gusts in excess of 139 mph, it washed away homes and devastated entire towns. In the months that have followed, many homeowners have discovered that, unfortunately, not all hurricane-related damage is covered by their homeowners’ insurance.

For example, if your home was hit by high winds that significantly damaged your roof and allowed rainwater to enter and collect inside your home, you will likely be covered by your standard homeowners’ insurance policy. If, however, rising water levels resulted in foundational damage to your home, you will likely only be covered if you have flood insurance. Essentially, the specific cause of the damage to your home plays a large role in whether or not you are covered.

How Our Firm Can Help

In many cases, insurance providers will attempt to deny coverage—even when homeowners file rightful claims. Any attempt by an insurance company to avoid paying out a just claim is considered “insurance bad faith” and entitles the policyholder to take legal action.

At Berniard & Savoca, we assist clients with all aspects of storm and hurricane-related homeowners’ insurance claims, including:

Insurance adjusters are prohibited from delaying investigation and/or payment of your claim for unreasonable amounts of time. Additionally, they must communicate all relevant issues and pertinent details of your claim with you in a timely manner. Failure to do so can be considered an act of bad faith and may warrant legal action.

Our Florida hurricane claims lawyers are extensively experienced in this particular area of law. We have helped thousands of clients and secured millions of dollars for homeowners and others struggling to rebuild their lives after devastating natural and manmade disasters.

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